EIL - INFORMATION!! - Ab Montag, den 6. Dezember 2021, beginnt das Morgennetz um 10:00 UTC!

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We are a nonprofit association of radio amateurs who have set ourselves the task of providing advice and assistance to seagoing yachts with amateur radio operators as well as to just listeners. Weather information is transmitted daily, in German (English in case of necessity) and via e-mail, on request. Further the personal conversation and information exchange, as commonplace among amateur radio operators, is a usual and vital part of our networks. Just listen, the livestream gives you an impression of our activities.

Broadcasting times during wintertime in Germany:

From 06 December 2021, the morning net will be at 10:00 UTC. The evening network will remain at 16:30 UTC. 

WX information for coastal waters will further be broadcast via the DMR talkgroup "Worldwide Maritime" (TG 9101) of the BrandMeister-Network as well as the INTERMAR Echolink Node 386970 *INTERMAR*, following the HF morning- and evening networks on 14.313. If there is no specific request, at least weather information for the North- and Baltic Sea coastal waters will be transmitted as per default. DMR-BM-TG9101 and Echolink are of course open for QSOs.

During the network hours, all transmissions can be followed on the INTERMAR Echolink Node 386970 *INTERMAR* as well as the audio live stream, here on this website.

Netcontrol contact address: For weather enquiries and greetings to the Netcontrol, the address is "dl0ima [at] winlink.org". As spam protection, the subject line must start with "//WL2K".

Legal disclaimer:
All information provided by INTERMAR is on “best effort basis” and should serve as a qualified “second opinion”. Any decisions, actions and consequences taken, are solely the responsibility of the user. INTERMAR cannot, under any circumstances, be held liable for any damage or other consequences incurred.